Fangs for the Memories by Molly HarperFangs for the Memories by Molly Harper (Half-Moon Hollow #0.5)

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Humour

Publisher: Pocket Star on November 2, 2015

Source: Publisher via NetGalley

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My thanks to Pocket Star and NetGalley for providing me with a digital review copy. No compensation was provided for this review, and all opinions are my own.

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Are you a fan of Molly Harper’s Jane Jameson and Half-Moon Hollow series? Have you always wondered just how the vaguely hillbilly-esque vampire Dick Cheney (not that Dick Cheney!) won the heart of Andrea, Half-Moon Hollow’s most sophisticated human resident? Look no further than FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES.

Just as a word of warning, while you could technically read this as a stand-alone, personally I don’t think FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES would be a good introduction to Harper’s oeuvre because it references so many important events that happened earlier in the series. If you’re intrigued, I highly recommend Harper’s first book, NICE GIRLS DON’T HAVE FANGS.

Fans of the series will remember that Andrea’s ex-boyfriend Matthias is a serious piece of work. Yeah, he’s a vampire, but she knows not all vamps are bad – after all, Jane and co. are some of Andrea’s closest friends. But she is a little leery of men, and is wholly unimpressed by Dick’s unique charms. His attempts at courtship are hilarious and honestly a little inept, but I was pleasantly surprised by how romantic Dick can be. Good for you, buddy! Maybe one day he’ll repair the name of Dick Cheney…although it’s not bloody likely (bloody…ha).

Andrea’s perspective on the goings-on of her friends in Half-Moon Hollow is refreshing, particularly her attitude towards occult bookstore owner Jane and her admittedly whacky behaviour. While I generally love all of Molly Harper’s characters, former librarian turned vampire Jane will always hold a special place in my heart. But there are some pretty fantastic moments with the series’ supporting characters in this novella, including one of my personal favourites: the delightfully psychotic head of the local Vampire Council, perpetual-teenager Ophelia. I can’t wait for Harper’s novella about that vampy ray of sunshine!

Perfect for fans of Molly Harper’s paranormal romances, FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES is a light and funny novella that does justice to Dick and Andrea’s love story. I’m not always a fan of novellas but this one hit all the right notes!

Have you read anything by Molly Harper? What light and funny books have you read this month? And most importantly, novellas – yea or nay? Inquiring minds want to know!