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Review: The Book of Love by Kelly Link

Beloved short story writer Kelly Link’s first novel, The Book of Love, will be polarizing. It is character-driven, meandering, philosophical, and really quite strange. Many readers will find that this […]

Review: Fathomfolk by Eliza Chan

Fathomfolk is an adult fantasy that hinges on the political unrest between humans and fathomfolk, creatures with gills whose forms are many and varied. Sirens, sea witches, kappas, water dragons […]


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Leftist librarian and lover of wine. Ambitious home cook and reluctant gym goer. Fan of YA, fantasy novels, comics, and romances. I probably ship it.

When I’m not chilling at home reading, you can find me at my job at a local library or hanging with friends. I live in Ontario, Canada.


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