Deceptions by Kelley ArmstrongDeceptions by Kelley Armstrong (Cainsville #3)

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Random House on August 18, 2015

Source: Purchased

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Olivia’s life has exploded. View Spoiler »

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I’m sad to say that this wasn’t anywhere near as amazing as the previous novel VISIONS was.

Unlike many people, the love triangle in this one didn’t really bother me. Firstly, it’s not really a triangle when people don’t realize that the potential for…triangle-ness…exists. Whatever, you get what I’m saying.

Secondly, if you didn’t see this coming then we clearly weren’t reading the same series. Maybe I’ve just read too many of Kelley Armstrong’s triangles to be surprised when they crop up? Gabriel has an awful lot in common with Derek Souza, just saying.

My issues with DECEPTIONS were mostly plot based with a sprinkle of character frustration thrown in. What was it in the plot that I didn’t like? Mostly the fact that there wasn’t much of one to begin with.

I thought too much time was devoted to investigating/proving things about the various fae factions that the readers already knew (or guessed based on foreshadowing). Yes, I get that it’s supposed to be dramatic irony and Liv doesn’t realize the whole Matilda connection, etc. etc. But it was just so boring. I can honestly say that’s never once been an issue for me with Kelley Armstrong before.

Despite their issues, I still love these characters and need to know more about their stories. I feel invested in their lives and that’s the saving grace of DECEPTIONS for me. I especially love Liv, who’s such a great heroine; she’s tough and she’s book smart and intuitive and physically capable without being too perfect. Somehow.

Sadly Liv and Gabriel have never learned to ‘use their words’ and frustrated me immensely with their miscommunications and intentional asshole-ry (*cough* Gabriel *cough*), but I have to admit that it was mostly in character. I would’ve been very annoyed if Gabriel had just been the same old ice block as before so I appreciated the few moments where Gabriel let his guard down. He and Liv just get each other, like two peas in a fucked up little pod. It may not be entirely healthy but I love it. *shrugs*

Ricky may be kind of boring (although he’s developed way more in this one) but I feel so bad for him in all of this. He doesn’t deserve all their “emotional illiteracy” bullshit. I’m very intrigued to see how the whole mess plays out, especially given Liv’s big decision(s) at the end of the book. I have my own theory on who will ultimately end up together, but it would be nice if Liv could stick with her decision for all of book four at least. View Spoiler »

One of my complaints about VISIONS last year was the lack of attention payed to the Pam and Todd Larsen “are they murderers or aren’t they?” plot line. I’m happy to report that concrete progress was made on this front, and it actually kind of surprised me. I definitely thought things might be a little more happy and starry than they ended up and I wasn’t sure what Todd would be like either. View Spoiler »

A somewhat disappointing instalment that was nevertheless entertaining. This is still one of my favourite series at the moment and I still love Kelley Armstrong, but I definitely expected more.

Can we all agree on how frustrating it is when one of your favourite authors writes a disappointing book? What do you think of the Matilda storyline? Inquiring minds want to know!