BookTube, or the community of people on YouTube who primarily talk about books, is often posed as being in competition with traditional blogs; personally though, I still really enjoy watching certain BookTubers talk about what they’ve been reading, what they’d like to read, and completing tags. Here are a few of my favourites!


Emily is a French Canadian BookTuber whose eclectic reading preferences and thorough review style appealed to me instantly. She often reviews SF/F, but she also switches it up with YA contemporary and literary fiction too. She has some really cool features on her channel, my favourite being her “try a chapter” videos.



If there’s anyone on BookTube with reading tastes that are more similar to mine than Laura from BoundlessBooks, I haven’t yet come across them. Laura loves historical fantasy and Regency era stories, so I’m pretty much guaranteed to love her videos. She doesn’t have a ton of videos up but the ones she does have feature great reads and awesome editing.



I’ve been watching Sanaa on BookTube for ages. Her videos are awesome: her reading tastes are similar to mine, and she’s smart, funny, and she’s an incredibly talented video editor to boot (so her vids are always pretty). It looks like she’s on hiatus but she has hundreds of videos for you to look through while you’re waiting for her triumphant return!


 Drinking By My Shelf

Emma’s channel is everything I love in this world: sassy book reviews of eclectic genres paired with alcoholic beverages. Honestly, what more do you need in this world? Emma mixes wacky cocktails to go with her book chats and also does 60 second review videos, both of which are highly entertaining.


 Thoughts on Tomes

Sam is the best! I love the format of her reviews, with her spoiler-free review and then an additional video discussing spoiler-y stuff (either a “gush” or a “gripe” video). Sam’s also been at the forefront of a number of thoughtful discussions about issues in the reading and reviewing community, and I love her take on things. She’s also a big supporter of queer literature so I’m all about that!



Monica primarily reads and reviews YA, with a focus on representation of PoC and queer characters. Not only is she total aesthetic goals (that pink hair though!), she also makes gorgeous videos. Aside from bookish content, she also does travelogues and they’re amazing.

And those are my favourite BookTubers! All of them discuss SF/F at least some of the time, but they’ve also introduced me to some books I never would’ve heard of otherwise…and I love the creativity on their channels, too.

Do you watch BookTube? Who are your favourites? Do you have your own BookTube channel, or have you thought about starting one? Let me know in the comments!