Watching booktube is pretty different from reading traditional book blogs. I love watching booktuber’s videos when I can’t read a blog, like when I’m eating breakfast or getting ready in the morning. A few months ago I made a list of some of my favourite booktubers — here are a few more of my new, underrated favourites!

Kitty G

Kitty is a UK-based booktuber with a love of all things SFF. Unlike a lot of booktubers, she regularly posts full reviews and even her list-y posts discuss various books in-depth. As someone who appreciates the art of a great review, I love that!

What Cass Read

If I had to pick a reading twin from among my favourite booktubers, Cass would be it! She’s a big SFF fan, and she appreciates a good urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Her undying love for fantasy mega-author Robin Hobb is what finally convinced me to pick up her books because she’s never led me astray!

Connor O’Brien

Connor is one of the more eclectic readers on this list, gravitating to everything from literary fiction to SFF to more YA. My favourite style of video he make is his bookish wrap ups, where he does a brief recap of all the books he’s read lately. It’s the perfect way to get more info about a book — and a bite-sized review!

Claire Rousseau

Claire is a French booktuber (but her videos are in English!) who reads and reviews a lot of SFF and queer YA, both of which y’all know I’m here for. She’s also really into films and fandom, and fanfic. Nothing better than a super solid fic recommendation!


Rachel, who goes by Kalanadi on YT, is another SFF lover who dabbles in comics and the mystery genre too. I haven’t been watching her videos as long as the others on this list, but Rachel’s videos have already introduced me to a lot of “old-school” books. I’ve got a whole TBR list of books recommended by Rachel!

And those are some more of my favourite underrated BookTubers! All of them discuss SFF at least some of the time, but they’ve also introduced me to other books I never would’ve heard of otherwise…and it’s very cool to see their personalities come through! Weirdly enough, I’ve barely been able to find any booktubers who often read adult romance. What’s up with that?

Do you watch BookTube? What types of bookish videos are your favourite to watch? Let me know in the comments!