Welcome to another monthly recap post! I’ve decided that I like the two months in one post format, so here I’ll be recapping what I’ve been up to in June and July: books read, posts written, and personal life updates. Strap in folks, because there’s a lot to cover!


What I Read in June and July






I discovered some awesome books over the past few months, and only had a few bookish disappointments. My favourites were the historical romp THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE, urban fantasy/romance mashup WILDFIRE, and the angst-filled, emotional roller coaster HATE TO WANT YOU. I also loved Stephanie Burgis’ historical romance novella SNOWSPELLED (review to come in September), F.C. Yee’s YA fantasy THE EPIC CRUSH OF GENIE LO, and C.L. Wilson’s fantasy-romance THE WINTER KING (reviews to come in August). For a quick breakdown, I read 10 ARCs, 5 library books, and 5 books from my personal collection.


General Miscellany and Life Updates:

Life outside of reading and blogging has been absolutely crazy the past few months. I’ve been in my position at work for 4 months now and I’ve done a lot: I’ve run children’s programs (spy camp!), gone to community outreach events (the local Pride fest!), joined community working groups (the Rainbow Coalition!), and planned programs for teens and adults for the fall (pub trivia night and tabletop gaming club!). It’s been exhausting to say the least, but I’ve learned a lot.

On a more personal front, living with my guy is going really well. We’ve got a good routine going and it’s great having him here — we’ve been sticking pretty close to home since work is so busy these days, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to get away to the lake for a weekend before the summer’s over. My only complaint? He keeps shrinking my clothes when he does the laundry!


What I Posted in June and July

5 Reasons to Read: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Review: Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier

Review: Grave Ransom by Kalayna Price

My Favourite BookTubers

Review: Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw

Review: Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

Romance Review Roundup: Vol. 5

Not as many posts as I would’ve liked to write, but that’s what happens when life gets hectic. Here’s hoping next month I can get some more writing done — I still have to write reviews for 6 or 7 of the books I read over the past few months!

How was your June and July? Did you read any great books or go on any fun adventures? What are you looking forward to in August? Let me know in the comments!


  1. LOL, shrinking your clothes. Mine keeps leaving his socks in the bedroom and then I find like 10

    1. I know, it’s terrible! LOL that’s great too.

    • Greg Hill

    • 5 years ago

    Lol about the laundry- I remember the first time I did laundry I just threw all the shit in together, darks and whites pfft whatever. Oops. And then I dried everything and some of it looked like elf clothes lol. Why’s it gotta be complicated, ya know??

    Glad the work stuff is going well. Pub trivia and tabletop gaming sounds pretty awesome.

    The Kalayna Price books I have looked at so many times, if I can get back to reading some urban fantasy those are on my list.

    1. LOL okay me too, but I was like 16 at the time. You’d think that ten years later the laundry might be an easier task to conquer…but still, elf clothes. Hahahaha.

      Thanks, Greg! It’s been going very well, which is always good. I’m really excited about those programs — bringing geekiness to small towns (and enjoying beer lol) is my forte.

      Hooray! Her books are really good. The latest instalment in the series wasn’t my favourite, but the series debut was a home run from what I can remember.

  2. I’m so glad you loved The Gentleman’s Guide. It was such a fun book!

    Your job sounds exhausting, yes, but also awesome! Are you enjoying it? I’m glad living together is also going well. But how is he shrinking your clothes?! I hope you guys do make it to the lake.

    I’ve been blogging more with my boyfriend (and enjoying it more than I expected!), so if you’re curious you can read my June roundup here and my July roundup here. 😀 I’ve read several excellent books in the last few months, and I went to Leipzig in June, which was wonderful!

    1. I absolutely adored it! Felicity is the queen of my heart and Monty and Percy are goals.

      It is pretty exhausting, not gonna lie. Because I’m working in customer service all day every day (I plan my other projects/do collections work while I’m on the reference desk, helping library patrons) it can be difficult sometimes. But I do like it, and I’m getting the chance to see which aspects of the profession are my favourite. UGH I have no idea! I’m convinced it’s because he washes everything in super hot water, but I have yet to catch him red-handed, haha.

      Oh my gosh, I had no idea! That’s adorable. I will definitely read your roundups! Does your boyfriend blog in German, or English? Or both? Your Leipzig photos were gorgeous!

      1. I think I heard that there might be a companion novel about Felicity?!

        Ughhh, customer service is so draining! But I hope you can figure out what exactly you want to do in the profession. 🙂

        Have you told him to wash in cold? xD

        Haha, thanks 😀 He posts in German when he reviews German books and does his monthly new release posts, but everything else is in English! He switched over last year. Thank you! I still have more to post, haha.

  3. So sorry to hear about your clothes! My husband and I established right away that we would each do our own laundry, so I’ve never had that problem. On the book front, you’ve read some great books, many I’m looking forward to myself. I hate being so busy in my personal life that I don’t always have enough time to read and blog, but I guess you do whatever you can to make things work:-)

    1. Thanks Tammy, it’s serious RIP Town for some of my faves, I’m sad to say. We’ve decided to go that route now too, although I can’t help but wonder — what on earth was he doing to make them shrink like that?

      I hear you there! Sometimes life can get absolutely crazy and things fall by the wayside. But that just makes me appreciate it that much more when I do have time to read and blog again. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a busy summer! Sorry to hear about the clothes — maybe you can repurpose them into cute clothes for pets???

    1. It’s been hectic but good! LOL, tempting. I’d need a pet the size of a mastiff, though. 😂

    • MaddalenaSpaceandSorcery

    • 5 years ago

    *OUCH* It would seem that men and laundry don’t agree with each other…
    At least your book roundup for the past two months is quite impressive! 🙂

    1. LOL right? I was so shocked…I’d always been led to believe that those rumblings about chores were mere stereotypes. But I guess there was more than a grain of truth there. 😉 Thanks Maddalena, I read often and found some awesome stories over the past two months!

  5. Wow, that’s a lot of books! I know it’s both June and July, but still, way to go! I hope to read Strange Practice soon, and Snowspelled!

    1. Thanks Mogsy! 10 books a month is more than usual for me, and I’m digging it. Both of those were awesome — but quite different. I’m excited to hear your take on them soon!

  6. I think I need to take a closer look at “The Epic Crush of Genie Lo”, the story sounds intriguing. And your new job position sounds great, hope it will stay that interesting and varied.

    1. I really loved it! And it was exciting to read a story based on a legend that I only knew a tiny bit about, too. A stellar debut, in my opinion. Thanks Sabrina, I’m learning a ton and it’s different every day, which is always a plus!

  7. Looks like you had a great reading month(s)! 20 books in two months is a lot, especially if you’ve been so busy! Lol sorry about the laundry. I prob shouldn’t be laughing, but I kind of am 😛 But huh, I use heat on my clothes, and none of them have shrunk. I wonder what material it is that shrinks?

    1. Thanks Kristen, I felt super productive what with all the reading…although I have to admit that some errands and chores were shirked in the name of finishing certain books. LOL. Uuuuugh, it’s okay — I can laugh about it now, too. But I’m definitely never letting him do my laundry again, hahaha. I haven’t the foggiest idea what he did to them! Maybe it’s some sort of poly-blend thing?

  8. I need to check out this Wildfire book. I keep seeing it around the blogs, so the universe must want me to read it. Your job sounds like my dream job. If I had known how much I would love the volunteer activities I did (Girl Scouts, GS camp, etc), I would not have wasted my time on an engineering degree. I also wish I had gone to spy camp as a kid.

    1. The universe does want you to read it, and the universe is wise. LOL. Maybe start with book one first though, which is called Burn For Me.

      I really do love working in libraries — it’s busy and exciting and I get to do different things every day. Engineering is cool too, although I don’t think I would have the aptitude for it. As far as I’m concerned, you could totally come to spy camp now! You might be a bit tall for the “laser maze” though, hahaha.

  9. LOL! I laughed at the shrinking clothes! I’m glad to hear things are going well otherwise though. It sounds like you’ve had such an exciting/busy few couple of months. All those children’s programs though – you’re a rockstar! 🙂
    And OMG all the amazing books you’ve read! I’m thrilled you liked The Winter King! And of course Wildfire, Genie Lo, Gentlemen’s were all favorites of mine also.
    I hope your August is just as fabulous, if not better. 🙂

    1. This whole comment section is laughing at my depleted wardrobe, LOL! 😂 It’s been an absolutely nutty time, and I’m honestly looking forward to the end of summer so I can get a reprieve (those children’s programs though, indeed). Thaaaaaanks Nick! 😘

      I had a stellar couple of reading months. The Winter King was soooo good, and I loved Khamsin; the only thing I didn’t like about it were the sex scenes, which honestly made me cringe a lil’ bit. It’s been a great summer for new releases. Aw thanks girl, I hope you have a fantastic month too!

  10. Ahh, what a cool couple of reading months you had. I loved your review of Gentleman’s guide and I NEED that book. I also got the first Hidden Legacy book to start reading as soon as I have time. I can’t wait to see what it’s like.

    I’m so glad to hear that the last couple of months. Work and community sound amazing and I hope you are enjoying everything about your job.

    Bahaha about the laundry! I hope he figures it out soon! 🙂

    I hope that you have an awesome August ahead of you!

    1. Seriously, I almost *never* have such good reading months, let alone two in a row. I have no idea what’s happening to me but I love it! Haha. YES, you do need Gentleman’s Guide! It’s soooo much fun, and chock-full of heart as well. Eeeeee your first Ilona Andrews! I hope you’ll love Burn For Me and it’ll be the first of many IA reads. 🙂

      It’s been a total whirlwind and it hasn’t all been great, as I’m sure you can imagine, but we’re adjusting really well. Small-town life probably isn’t for me long term, but it works really well right now. And work is going well, too.

      LOL, we’ll see about that. For now I’ve decided to do most of the laundry — all of mine, at least!

      Thanks so much Di, I hope your August is awesome too!

  11. See, now clothes shrinkage would be so frustrating. Nothing should come between a girl and her clothes. Hopefully he didn’t sacrifice any favourites. Your job sounds good, though. Too busy is always good, it’s better than not being trusted with enough to do.

    You definitely did some good reading, though. I’m dying to read Genie Lo and I’m dithering over preordering it. I cannot wait for your review of The Winter King, though, because that was an awesome book. I’ve not finished my full review for The Sea King yet but there are a couple of things which bothered me in it. It was still awesome.

    I am all about my holiday right now. I’m looking forward to it and it’s not until next month. It’s boring how it’s basically the only thing I talk about to folks. I’ve become a boring person.

    1. It WAS! Ugh. I’m riled up just thinking about it, honestly. And of course the victims were some of my favourite, most flattering clothes. *deep sigh* I couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing worse than being bored out of your wits at work, so I’m happy to be kept busy.

      Ooooh, Genie Lo. Such a great read. I think you’ll really like it Becky, pre-order or no. Honestly, I am the worst for pre-orders: I almost never do it. But I have pre-ordered Rituals, the fifth and final book in the Cainesville series. I am DYNG for it. I have a ton of great things to say about The Winter King…but the sex scenes made me cringe. Two words: hot cream. WHY?!

      I hear that. Well, not about the holiday…about becoming a boring person who only talks about one thing. But while your one thing is a beautiful holiday, mine is work. So you’re not doing too badly! Hahaha. Seriously though, you’re going to have the best time!

  12. That’s 20 books in two months, WOW! How did you manage that?? I sympathise with your guy too — for some reason that’s been happening to my laundry to and I’m doing it lol

    1. Honestly I have no clue! I rarely read this much, but I am loving it. Maybe it’s because I’m not watching anything particularly engrossing on TV right now? LOL oh no! Wishing you the best of luck with your clothes — I’ll be doing my best to protect mine, haha.

    • Lynn Williams

    • 5 years ago

    Yeah, the problem with lots of reading is lots of reviews – I’m always getting behind writing them! You’ve read a heck of a lot though so well done.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Exactly! Thanks, Lynn…now it’s simply a matter of catching up with all those dang reviews! 🙂

  13. I have to say that lineup of books looks pretty sweet!

    Your work sounds like fun – busy but plenty of good challenges . Variety is the spice of life as they say!

    By the way, I don’t think I commented on it but I loved and much appreciated your post on book tubers! IT led me down a long but extremely fun rabbit hole and I’m not sorry! Thanks for doing that one!

    1. It’s been a great couple of reading months, I have to say! Work’s good and it’s different every day, which is always awesome. Hooray! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it, Stephanie! The rabbit hole that is booktube is a ton of fun and great for when you just want to veg a bit. 🙂

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