Graphic Novels, Tough Chicks is an original feature that celebrates the amazing female characters that abound in graphic novels. While many people still associate this particular form with a male readership, certain graphic novels empower women and combat feminine stereotypes through illustration and text. Tough chicks resist injustice, fight for their beliefs, and they don’t take flak from nobody. These women are capable of fighting their own battles, both literally and figuratively.

Saga Vol 4Saga Volume 4 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Image Comics on December 17, 2014

Source: Library

From the Eisner Award-winning duo of Brian K. Vaughan (The Private Eye, Pride of Baghdad) and Fiona Staples (Mystery Society, Thor, SAGA is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the universe.View Spoiler »

Image: Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan
Image: Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan

Enjoy the above moment of domestic cuteness while you can, people. Because everything is not going to be okay.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the galaxy, certified tough chicks Gwendolyn and Sophie are busy being totally kickass. Two ladies of colour taking up arms, flying their ship across space, and amassing allies to save a loved one? That’s exactly the sort of epic woman-power I was looking for when I started this feature in the first place. And it’s why I will always love the Saga series. But I digress.

Gwendolyn and Sophie are gallivanting around the galaxy (galaxies? I never really know) trying to find a cure for The Will. Both ladies are very attached to him for various reasons and would do basically anything to make him well again…which usually means that crazy stuff is imminent. And trust me, it is. The shit really hits the fan in this one, y’all. Thank goodness for the comedic relief provided by the snarky exchanges between G & S. Behold:

Image: Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan
Image: Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan

I’m telling you, these two together is comedic gold.

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples are a wonderful team who obviously communicate their ideas very well, since the writing and artwork in this series always feels perfectly in sync. With complex relationships, insane world building, amazing characters – and of course, tough chicks – Saga is a series you need to be reading. But for those of you who aren’t caught up yet, I feel compelled to issue a warning: SAGA VOL. 4 ends on a brutal cliffhanger. My jaw actually dropped when I flipped to the final page. And I mean really, don’t you want to be reading a graphic novel series that’s literally jaw dropping?

Have you read SAGA VOL. 4 or any of the other volumes in the series? Who is your favourite character, tough chick or otherwise? What other comics/graphic novels should I be reading? I’d love to hear your thoughts!