Tough Traveling: Major Discoveries

This week’s topic is MAJOR DISCOVERIES:

While often the people of Fantasyland seem stuck in a time warp occasionally a major discovery can shock the land into changes.  Be they new lands, new peoples or new technologies fantasyland thrives on having something to jump start the next age.

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Tough Traveling: New Beginnings

This week’s topic is NEW BEGINNINGS:

A new leaf, a new life, a complete change of pace for a character in fantasyland is how most stories start.  Bad people get a second chance, farm kids leave the farm, or a soldier gets a new post.  From there adventure awaits!

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Tough Traveling: Middle Age Heroes

This week’s topic is MIDDLE AGE HEROES:

This hero stuff is usually a young person’s game. And, occasionally, a grizzled old veteran can get involved. It is a true rarity for someone to join the good fight for Fantasyland living in that in between ground.

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Tough Traveling: Extreme Climates

This week’s trope is EXTREME CLIMATES:

Perhaps the handsome prince lives in a castle surrounded by green countryside and sunny days. The rest of the land is forced to deal with freezing cold, searing heat, and every other extreme climate mother nature can throw at you.

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Tough Traveling: Otherworldly Creatures (Tentacles Preferred)

This week’s trope is Otherworldly Creatures (Tentacles Preferred):

Just for Tiara, this topic explains itself. Creatures not of our world or even our plain of existence, perhaps living in another dimension. Preferably, though not required, with tentacles. Or really anything with tentacles can be considered weird enough to be otherworldly.

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Tough Traveling: Fathers

This week’s trope is FATHERS:

Comes in two types in fantasyland.  Either a semi-mystical figure proving impossible to live up to or the overbearing type who doesn’t understand why his daughter doesn’t accept the traditional princess role.  He may be tough to get along with but usually does think he has his kids interests in mind.

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Tough Traveling: People on Boats

This week’s trope is PEOPLE ON BOATS:

Grab a map of Fantasyland and you are sure to see there is water.  Of course not everything important is going to happen on land, right?  Sometimes people actually have to get on a boat and hit the water.  Where, being fantasyland, anything can happen.

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Tough Traveling: Orphans

This week’s trope is ORPHANS:

No one in Fantasyland amounts to anything if they still have both parents.  Rule number one.  Thanks to Stephanie for the suggestion (and let us all be surprised together that it isn’t in the Tough Guide).

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Tough Traveling: Disguises

This week’s trope is DISGUISES:

Hiding in plain site?  Put on a disguise.  Often used to sneak into the evil lair.  For best results brain a guard and steal his; no one is tracking these things.

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Tough Traveling: Heists/Cons

This week’s trope is HEISTS/CONS

Smash and grabs are not always the best way to illicitly acquire objects in fantasy land. Sometimes these things take planning, a loyal crew, and a little bit of luck. But a good crew can always get the job done.

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Tough Traveling: Dead Gods

This week’s trope is DEAD GODS

Fantasyland had gods, right?  And now they are dead.  Dead Gods are not forgotten though, often they are still just influential to the land as they were when living.

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Tough Traveling: The Weasel

This week’s trope is THE WEASEL

Weasels are usually very useful, obtaining information from unlikely sources and the like. For that matter they may be fun to be around. But can they ever really be trusted? Usually about as far as they can be thrown, but one never knows.


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Tough Traveling: The Big City

This week’s trope is THE BIG CITY

There has to be somewhere in Fantasyland where everyone comes together. All roads lead to Rome after all. A place where traders prosper, politicians scheme, and criminals thrive.

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Tough Traveling: Unique Flora

This week’s trope is UNIQUE FLORA:

Self-explanatory. If you know of a plant that is either not on earth, or doesn’t act the same way in fantasyland as it does on earth, then you can consider it unique. Have fun.

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Tough Traveling: Enforcers

This week’s trope is ENFORCERS:

Some people are made to give orders; others are made to make sure they are carried out. Be it through muscle or guile there are just some people you don’t want to hear are looking for you.

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Tough Traveling: Beloved Mounts

This week’s trope is BELOVED MOUNTS:

A combination of suggestions from several people, as it seems many want to talk about the various animals that people in fantasyland ride. So be they horse, bear, or other let’s talk about favourite rides.

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Tough Traveling: Bards

This week’s trope is BARDS:

BARDS often join questing parties and provide entertainment around the campfire.  Sometimes their music even holds a little bit of magic.  Or a clue to an ancient mystery.  Or…

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Tough Traveling: Fae

This week’s trope is FAE:

Surprisingly not in the Tough Guide.  How can this be?  Fairies are a constant in the fantasy world and it is time they get their own week.  Give us your Fae, be they sweet or nasty.

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Tough Traveling: Vampires

This week’s trope is VAMPIRES:

VAMPIRES are increasingly rare on the TOUR.  They have been attracted over tot he Horror Tour by offers of better pay.  Where they appear, you will find up to date Vampires wear expensive sunglasses and wish to drain you of energy rather than blood.

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