Let’s be real: we all know that a gorgeous cover can compel you to read almost anything. And for me, there are certain elements that will always entice me to pick up a book. Anatomy of a Book Cover breaks down those elements!

As a fan of Amanda Bouchet’s fantasy romance series the Kingmaker Chronicles, her upcoming sci-fi fantasy NIGHTCHASER is a must-read. Thankfully it also has a solid cover!


When I saw the cover for THE GIRL KING making the rounds on twitter, I knew I needed it in my life. YA fantasy has never looked so good!

If we learned anything from Anatomy of a Book Cover: Vol. 1, it’s how much I love an illustrated cover featuring unconventional ladies and a cool-toned palette. Enter the cover art for HIDDEN SUN.

Helen Hoang’s debut swept me away earlier this year, so when THE BRIDE TEST was announced I had to have it. And as luck would have it, the cover is perfection…and it coordinates perfectly with the first book.

What do you think of the covers I’ve rounded up here? Are there elements of a cover design that always pique your interest? Let me know in the comments!