Let’s be real: we all know that a gorgeous cover can compel you to read almost anything. And for me, there are certain elements that will¬†always¬†entice me to pick up a book. Anatomy of a Book Cover breaks down those elements!

I recently read THE SISTERS MEDEROS, a delightfully fun fantasy of manners featuring two sisters who couldn’t be more different. This cover is pure Danya bait, and I was hooked before I even read the synopsis. Keep an eye out for my review of this one, coming soon!

UNDEAD GIRL GANG first came onto my radar when I saw people chatting about it on twitter, long before the cover art had been released. I was intrigued…and its funky, nostalgic cover art immediately won a place on my “favourite covers” shelf!

Emily Skrutskie is an auto-buy author for me, so I knew I’d be reading HULLMETAL GIRLS before I even saw the cover art. When I finally laid my eyes on this beauty…well. I’ve got a major case of grabby hands!

What do you think of the covers I’ve rounded up here? Do you have any cover art elements that always catch your eye when you’re browsing? Let me know in the comments!