Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. The weekly event is meant to showcase eagerly anticipated upcoming releases…and to spread the word! This week I’m excited about:

Flamecaster by Cinda Williams ChimaFlamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima (The Shattered Realms #1)

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publisher: HarperCollins

Anticipated Publication Date: April 19, 2016

Adrian sul’Han, known as Ash, is a trained healer with a powerful gift of magic—and a thirst for revenge. Ash is forced into hiding after a series of murders throws the queendom into chaos. Now Ash is closer than he’s ever been to killing the man responsible, the cruel king of Arden. As a healer, can Ash use his powers not to save a life but to take it?

Abandoned at birth, Jenna Bandelow was told that the mysterious magemark on the back of her neck would make her a target. But when the King’s Guard launches a relentless search for a girl with a mark like hers, Jenna assumes that it has more to do with her role as a saboteur than any birth-based curse. Though Jenna doesn’t know why she’s being hunted, she knows that she can’t get caught.

Eventually, Ash’s and Jenna’s paths will collide in Arden. Thrown together by chance and joined by their hatred of the king, they will come to rescue each other in ways they cannot yet imagine…

Cinda Williams Chima is quickly becoming one of my favourite YA fantasy authors thanks to her fabulous Seven Realms series, so of course I need to check this one out. Even better? FLAMECASTER is apparently set in the same world as the Seven Realms books, a generation after Raisa and Han’s adventures. *cue squealing*

Her books are so thrilling and they’re full of diverse characters…and swoon-worthy romances. Who could say no to that?

Have you read anything by Cinda Williams Chima? What YA fantasy authors do you admire? And most importantly, what titles are you waiting on this week?


  1. I feel like I am the only person on the blogosphere to not have read this series. I’ve been seeing it pop up everywhere, I think this is a sign from the book gods that I need to read the first series ASAP haha.

    1. Aentee…you need this series in your life. Reason the first: hot guy lead and hot lady lead (best of both worlds), both with their own lives and stories. Reason the second: MATRIARCHAL SOCIETY. Reason the second: diverse YA fantasy. Need I say more???

    • Maraia

    • 7 years ago

    I’m SO EXCITED for Flamecaster. I’m *trying* not to hype it up too much for myself, because obviously the Seven Realms series sets my expectations really high, but I’m not succeeding. I definitely consider Cinda Williams Chima one of the best YA fantasy authors currently writing, even though I’m not a fan of The Heir Chronicles. Kristin Cashore is another favorite, although “currently writing” may be wishful thinking on my part.

    1. ME TOO!!! Keep in mind that I still need to read the second half of the Seven Realms series, but I am *loving* it! Raisa is so awesome…I would be her Consort, for sure. 😉 Han is amazing too obviously, and I also love Dancer. So much swoon!

      Kristin Cashore is so good, but it really has been an age since she published anything. I’m just about to start reading Bitterblue now actually, so I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of it! 😀

        • Maraia

        • 7 years ago

        What are you waiting for?! 😛 Raisa is up there with Alanna and Keladry as the most badass heroines of all time. Yes, SO MUCH swoon. I love that everyone dates around. It’s a nice change from insta-love.

        Has she actually written anything besides the three Graceling Realm books? I loved Bitterblue when I first read it, but that was a couple years ago. I’ll definitely be curious to know how it holds up to a re-read. I should re-read Graceling, too.

        1. You’ll be happy to hear that I just bought books 3 and 4, so I will be reading them soon (ish). I plan to finish the series before the new year for sure! I’m a big fan of the dating around too, and I love that Raisa is such a flirt in particular. Not enough ladies in YA fantasy get to play the field, in my opinion. They’re usually pining in the corner.

          Not to my knowledge! I’ve tried to find information about what she’s currently writing (if anything) a few times, but I’ve never found anything satisfactory or concrete. Maybe she’s out of the game for now?

            • Maraia

            • 7 years ago

            YES, I am happy to hear that. 😀 The only other dating around examples I can think of besides Raisa are Tamora Pierce’s heroines – yet another reason why they are completely badass. You’d think by now it wouldn’t be so taboo, but I guess it’s easier to write girls pining in the corner.

            Yeah, that’s what it looks like, sadly.

  2. Interesting, I JUST heard of this one earlier this week. I’m actually not familiar with the author or her previous series, guess I’ve been living under a rock 🙂 But I added it anyway because it does sound interesting and the enthusiasm is infectious 🙂


    1. Well I know you’ve not been having the best luck with YA fantasy, but I seriously love this author’s books! Her Seven Realms quartet is top notch so far (I’ve read the first two books) and I definitely recommend them. 🙂

    • Lynn Williams

    • 7 years ago

    I haven’t read any of this author but we do usually have similar tastes so I’ll make a note.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Seriously Lynn, you would LOVE the Seven Realms books! The Demon King is the first, check it out! 🙂

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