Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. The weekly event is meant to showcase eagerly anticipated upcoming releases…and to spread the word! This week I’m excited about:

The Masked Truth by Kelley ArmstrongThe Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong

Genre: Thriller, YA

Publisher: Doubleday Canada

Anticipated Publication Date: October 13, 2015

Riley Vasquez is haunted by the brutal murder of the couple she was babysitting for.
Max Cross is suffering under the shadow of a life-altering diagnosis he doesn’t dare reveal.
The last thing either of them wants is to spend a weekend away at a therapy camp alongside five other teens with “issues.” But that’s exactly where they are when three masked men burst in to take the group hostage.
The building has no windows. The exits are sealed shut. Their phones are gone. And their captors are on a killing spree.
Riley and Max know that if they can’t get out, they’ll be next—but they’re about to discover that even escape doesn’t equal freedom.

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited about this! Anyone who’s heard me speak about books even once knows that I adore Kelley Armstrong because a) her books do it for me b) I love her characters and c) Canadian pride. Many of Armstrong’s books take place in or are inspired by Canada and THE MASKED TRUTH is no exception. Inspired by the wilderness of the Yukon, Canada’s westernmost territory, landscape plays a huge role in this psychological thriller.

While I’ve never been a big reader of thrillers, I will happily read whatever Kelley Armstrong sees fit to write. All the better that it’s inspired by Canada! And who can say no to a standalone by one of their favourite authors? Not this girl!

Have you ever read a book set in the Yukon? What books are you waiting on this week? I’d love to hear from you!



  1. Oh I just love Kelley Armstrong too!! But it’s been a while since I’ve read anything by her. I didn’t know she wrote YA, this could be really good!

    1. Yay, high five for Kelley Armstrong!! She’s so great. I definitely recommend her Cainsville books if you’ve not already read them, the third book is coming out in August. Her YA series are always a lot of fun (although not as awesome as her adult stuff, imo).

    • Jan

    • 7 years ago

    A book set in the Yukon. Sounds really great! I haven’t read a Kelley Armstrong for a long time.

    1. Right?! I don’t think I’ve ever read anything set there, which is insane since Canadian literature was one of my specializations in undergrad. Definitely check out Omens, it’s the first book in her new adult series!

        • Jan

        • 7 years ago

        I checked on Omens and turns out I bought it last year so I plan to read it soon! That’s really neat you specialized in Canadian lit for your undergrad. I read a series of books when I was young about a Canadian Mountie and his dog, Silver Chief. I’m not sure where they took place, but somewhere in northern Canada!

  2. Ugh sorry but NO! 😀 Even the description is giving me the creeps! I’d love to read a book set in Yukon, though, seeing the Canadian North (and also Alaska) is on my (unwritten) bucket list. There’s something very appealing about all that land with so little human interference.

    1. LOL, yeah definitely not a Kaja book!! The Canadian North is on my bucket list too – there aren’t a lot of opportunities to get up there, and it is weirdly expensive. Some day! I know what you mean about the landscape, I love the idea of standing in the Tundra.

      1. I know, you have to fly there – I can’t imagine living in a community like that! But I’d visit for sure.
        Now I have a craving to re-read Molly Harper’s Werewolf series 😀

  3. You are the biggest Kelley Armstrong fan! And you know what, it wasn’t until this Canada Day that I was doing some research on Canadian authors that I realized she’s Canadian! Kind of a shallow reason to want to read an author, but…I do admit I kind of want to bump her up on my TBR now. Please please please tell me this is a stand alone or start of a new series, because I WANT. It’s got everything I’m interested in. Creepy horrow? Check. Yukon (Such a unique setting! I’ve always wanted to visit…though probably not to live :P)? Check. YA? Check – since we were JUST talking about this and about where to start. Adding this to my watch list RIGHT NOW. I wonder if Doubleday Canada means there’s only a Canadian publisher? Hope they pub it in the US too, or I’ll have to beg my brother in Toronto to buy it and ship it to me.


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